Teacher’s Covoid-19 Centre

Teacher’s Covid-19 Centre


Who is teacher? Teacher is the person that I would like to describe 

T- trainer / time follower

 E- educator / energetic

 A- actor / active

 C- competitor / core of system 

H- helpful / hopeful 

E- enthusiastic 

R- always ready. 

 What can teacher do?

 There are many examples of successful stories of teachers in the history. Teachers are called a nation builder. They are really an epitome of courage, adventure, culture, philosophy and courtesy. Here I would like to start from a Dr. Sarvpalli Radhakrishnan. His journey began as a teacher to the president of India. To inculcate his memorable journey, we celebrate Teacher’s Day on his birthday in the whole country India. We get lot of inspiration from such legends.

 Another recent example of a primary teacher Ranjit singh Disle got global teacher prize because of his revolutionary changes in educational field.

 Teacher is really a game changer in the system of any nation. He is very compassionate during the crisis and always ahead to help others. Teachers have been proved time to time to the society and to the system. He has always shown his commitment to the society that we teachers are always there with you all. In those days, the whole country, India is suffering from the pandemic Covid -19. In such critical situation the whole health system is also collapsed. None can understand what to do? how to overcome this crisis? Some major things I realized and reminded in those days that are noticeable.The first important thing is that the density of population is too much in our country. Large number of people are under below poverty line so complete lock-down is not the proper option in front of our system. The Second important thing is that our country India is the capital of diabetes therefore large number of people are under critical situation. As well as youth is also collapsed or become victim of this virus Covid 19 because majority of the youth is addicted of drugs, alcohol and smoking etc. And another thing is that instead of workout or exercising they are getting involved themselves in playing mobile games etc.The Third thing is that our people don’t follow the guidelines given by government. It means here I would say explicitly, our people behave irresponsibly. While saying this I am getting hurt because I see in my locality and surrounding Corona positive people are roaming to and fro. This is really shameful in 21st century. Local authorities, government and non-government organizations and many more benevolent people came forward and raised their hands to help and they have established Covid centres and announcing and appealing to those who are positive by this virus please come and admit here. Many generous people are offering breakfast, tea, mask, tablets etc. to patients. Local authorities appealing people for testing and vaccination, but people are not responding especially in countryside area. There are too much misunderstandings among people in case of vaccine. Another important aspect is media. print media, social media etc. brought such dreadful news through newspapers, messages on WhatsApp and Facebook and news on television created chaos and scary atmosphere among people that’s why people are not coming forward during the initial stage of Covid. They get admitted in the hospitals as they feel intolerable that’s why our patients are getting serious and mortality rate is increasing day by day. Hence, there is need to spread awareness among people. Another important aspect is responsible for this terrible situation that is passive approach of government policies. Lack of provisions and inadequate health facilities created this real picture in front of us. 

 Who is guilty? 

This is really a hot Question. At the beginning I was talking about Teacher. In my Block Akole, all teachers of primary and secondary sector came together to raise a Covid-centre of 50 to 60 oxygen beds for people. For that one WhatsApp group created and appealed all teachers to raise fund. Everybody contributed and much more fund raised to establish Covid centre and we reach to our milestone. And we proved that we teachers can do it. Having seen this successful initiative people from other sectors started contributing. Someone says ” Well began is half done.” I am really proud of Akole teachers association. I salute to all Covid warriors.

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