Message for Students/Parents

We people are wasting our time doing plenty of things in a day and get satisfied because we consider that we are doing a lot of hard work. But think how much quality work we do or how much quality we get through these tasks?
      eg.Our students read many books in a day,but how much they get through that vague reading?
They get nothing,but we never think over it.Because today we give significance to Quantity NOT Quality. It indicates that we are getting away from quality and closer to quantity.Even parents are also satisfied with quantity that my son/ daughter has gone through many books. According to me it is a part of bad manners.
       So, Dear parents don’t impose or burden the quantity of books, of exams,of homeworks, of assignment, of project upon your child.Instead of that take efforts to improve quality. Read a book with full concentration instead of reading ten books. Dr.Ambedkar once said” if you want success, you must be narrow minded”.
        To improve quality,no need to read many books or no need to take many exams.Only per day planning is essential way to success
         Somebody would say why should we waste time making everyday planning hence I would say it is not wasting of time but it is a super duper way of UTILIZATION of TIME.
      Allot only 5min to make plan  per day.Make proper distribution of 24hours every day and utilise your precious TIME for Quality work.
Well began is half done. 

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